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But…What if I Don’t Agree with the Intuitive Reader?


You’ve booked an appointment with an intuitive reader, one who came highly recommended. You’ve come to your appointment, and listened to what your reader has to say. And then it hits you…this feeling that something’s not quite right, or that you have an undeniable reaction of “NO” . Does this mean the reader is wrong? What do you do when you’ve gotten a reading and you don’t agree?

It can be tempting to just toss the reading into the circular file, so to speak, and write the reader off as incorrect or even a fraud. But unless the reader is absolutely wrong about basic facts – telling you about a relative you know never existed, for example – or clearly trying to get you to book more readings before he or she will give you the information you seek, it’s wise to reflect a bit before simply declaring the reader “wrong.” There are a number of reasons why we might not agree with an intuitive reading, especially at first, and it’s important to examine your reaction in light of those.


First, intuitive reading is just that – based on intuition. The reader tells you his or her impressions, thoughts, and intuitive feelings about the situation, and will usually convey this in the symbols they see, feel or hear. These might be different from the symbols that speak to you, or might have different meanings for you. Listen carefully and reflect honestly to see if there is a message in the reading for you, even if it differs slightly from the reader’s interpretation. Understand that the reader is trying to communicate clearly to you, but doesn’t have the same frame of reference on your life as you do – so you might take a different meaning from a symbol, phrase, or image. Trust your gut in these situations, and know that it doesn’t mean the reader is “wrong” but is instead operating from a slightly different context or symbolic language.

Another reason we may disagree with an intuitive reading is that, frankly, sometimes readers tell us the opposite of what we want to hear! If you find yourself having a strong reaction to a reader, ask yourself if this is what is happening. Ask yourself why you are so attached to a particular outcome or answer. And remember that the reader wants what is best for you, and is telling you the truth of the matter the best he or she knows. Keep in mind that your resistance to information does not make it less true.


And finally, sometimes we just need to sit with a reading for a while, because the information may make sense only with time or in a new context. It may not be until days or weeks afterward that everything a reader tells you “clicks.” Trust your gut when these clicks happen, and also trust that something that doesn’t make sense in the moment will make sense later.


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