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Buying an intuitive reading
will assist you in understanding and working on your personal life matters

I am able to avail myself to the Divine Spirit, angels and guides to ask specifically about you and what you need to know now. The response will help you clarify who you are and what you may need to do.  It is up to you to use your own free will in determining your actions.

Perhaps you need assistance regarding the following:

  • Understand  and get back your power.  If you feel you have lost your innate power learn how to get it back.
  • Remember and fortify who you are. Sometimes we forget that we are the creation of the Higher Source. With this knowledge comes enlightenment and power.
  • Keeping harmony in Relationships. There are times when we need additional insights to help sustain harmony or move on.
  • What about prioritizing your life and surroundings?  Do you need assistance in clarifying priority issues?
  • Is this the time to make a change in your career?
  • What is your life’s journey?  This is the course you should follow to be truly happy.  It is innately your character, qualities and what your soul is all about, who you really are.
  • What is your life’s purpose?  This is what you should achieve here before you go to the next realm.

You may purchase a 1 or 2 question reading to answer any of the above questions.  Please see the

rates page for additional information.


                                         Why Buy an Intuitive Reading?

Why buy an intuitive reading? What can an intuitive reading give you that a psychic reading, Tarot reading, or other kind of reading does not? For that matter, why purchase a reading at all? These are all common questions when someone considers purchasing his or her first session with an intuitive.
A skilled intuitive reader can help you cut through all the chaos and see the situation more clearly. An intuitive reading can also help you identify the issues and energies which are simmering just below the surface of any situation, relationship, or problem.


The Most Important Perspective a Reading Can Give

The most important thing that buying an intuitive reading can give you is a sense of perspective. In many ways, it gives you a birds-eye view of your life – it helps you get out of your own head and see the situation from a new angle, where you can see all the pieces, players and factors. We are by nature too close to our own problems, decisions, or concerns to be able to see all the factors at work. Our emotions can cloud our decision making process. And there are always factors and forces at work that we are unaware of, but which are vital to consider in making a decision or finding a resolution.
Many people who purchase intuitive readings not only find more clarity about the question or situation that concerns them, but also have gut feelings or hunches confirmed. It can help you learn to trust your own inner voice and spirit. Working with an intuitive can help you clarify your life goals, tap into your own inner knowing, and connect with the Universe more completely.


An intuitive reading is about more than just getting a question answered or a problem solved – it’s about gaining a greater awareness of your own spirit, your guides, and the energies around you. Buying an intuitive reading, is an investment not just for a moment in time, but for a lifetime.

Rates for Intuitive Readings


Important Information –  DISCLAIMER:

All readings are for entertainment only. I am not responsible for your interpretation and any actions that follow.  You do so on your own free will.

In regards to health issues, my readings in no way replaces proper medical advice from your physician.

You must be at least 18 years of age and by purchasing a reading you are stating that you are of legal age.






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