Customized Candle Prayer Service



Prayer for Healing,Peace,Joy

Prayer for Healing, Peace, Joy, and Love

Just for you Candle Service does prayerful concentration on solving your problem for 8 hours….

Some may not agree, but it has been my experience that focused prayer has been known to positively influence a situation or help sick people into recovering.

Lighting a candle in an intuitive manner is done with specific intention(s), to help with given issues and situations.

We as energy and spiritual beings respond to the vibration and energies of the candle flame and color.

There are specific colors that correspond to each intention or vibration. In using these colors, we evoke the personal internal energy that affect our lives.

Situations or problems relating to work, realizing your goals, money, relationships, peace, anything that you feel you need supportive intuitive assistance.

Prayer for Peace of Mind

Prayer for Love

Prayer for Temper Control

Prayer for Anxiety

Prayer for Family Relationships

Prayer for Health

And any other matters you deem important…..


Custom Candle Prayer Service


As such, I can assist you by selecting the appropriate candle color for your specific intention, dress it by adding special oils and herbs, crystals, and lighting it while stating your intention.
Then allowing it to burn for 8 hours as I reinforce your intention numerous times during these hours.

My being intuitive and assisting you regarding your intention may help.

This is done by making the situation more clear to you. Thereby indicating what you may or may not do to resolve the issue or make it better.

I’ve used this method to address many personal life situations and it helped me to clarify, act upon and resolve them.

Your Results:

Usually within in one week, (each person is different, therefore, for some it may take a bit shorter or longer) you will get a clear idea or thought that will help you to see the situation in a new perspective, so that it can be resolved.

The solution will not always be the answer you want, nevertheless, a resolution will be revealed to you.



Upon receipt of your payment, I will contact you via email, you give me the specifics.  I will then let you know exactly when I will set up and start your customized candle intention.


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