When you’re considering purchasing a reading, the sheer variety can be confusing. Do you choose Tarot? Palmistry? A session with a psychic? A session with an intuitive? How do you know which is right for you? Every type of reading can be helpful, and each type has value. But choosing the reading that’s right for you is important, so that you can get the most value and benefit for your time and money.

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When deciding between a psychic reading and an intuitive one, it can be useful to ask yourself whether you are looking for answers “out there” or “within.” Are you hoping to gain information that exists outside of you and your personal energy field or spiritual circle? Or are you seeking answers and insights that exist within you or within your energetic field?
A psychic reading helps you to learn information that exists “out there.” A psychic reader taps into the larger energetic or spiritual field to reveal information, answers, and insights to the person being “read.” Some psychics work with tools like Tarot, while others channel, communicate with spirits, or otherwise connect with sources of information. A psychic reading can be incredibly useful for those who need access to information from beyond themselves, from people who have passed out of this life, or who otherwise need to know something that can only be divined by tapping into external sources. Each individual psychic works differently, and it is completely fine to talk to a reader about what he or she does before you make an appointment – it’s important to determine that the reader you’ve chosen can help you get the answers you seek!
An intuitive reading, on the other hand, helps reveal information that lies “within.” An intuitive reader may also use tools such as Tarot, or may simply read your energy field or aura. The focus is not external information, but information that lies within the person being read. This can be the state of your energy, what your spirit guides have to say, or the forces and influences on a situation that may lie just below the person’s awareness. An intuitive reading helps the person being read find answers within his or her own life, or seeks to bring hidden or buried information to light. An intuitive reading can also help the person being read make connections between events, experiences, and questions or problems.

Most importantly, an intuitive reading can often confirm a person’s gut feelings about a situation or person. Again, don’t be afraid to ask questions about how the reader does what he or she does, and what types of information you’ll gain during a reading.
There’s no “better” choice between a psychic and an intuitive reading. The goal is to determine what’s best for you and your specific situation. Some readers combine psychic and intuitive techniques as well. Take the time to learn what a reading involves so that you can make the best choice!