This area has questions and answers about your life’s purpose and the situations that concern many people. The answers are my thoughts from an intuitive standpoint. You will get to know how I feel and think on many subjects of interest.

By reading these articles you can get to “know” me as much as one can in this type of venue. Accordingly, you will have a basis on which to determine if you would like for me to assist you.


What is My Life’s Purpose?


What is My Life’s Purpose is a question that we each ask ourselves at some time.We are all searching for our purpose, for our reason for existing on this planet. Some people find it early on in life – they feel a calling and are drawn to the path their soul was meant to walk. For others, the search can be longer and the journey more arduous. It may even feel at times that we will never find our purpose at all. That’s where an intuitive reading can be immensely valuable.


How Do We Search for Our Life’s Purpose?

When we’re searching for our life’s purpose, we may focus on the external. What job should we be doing? Where should we be living? Should we have children or not? Do we have a soul mate, and if so, how do we find them? It can be useful to spend time thinking about your ideal life and what that might look like, but it’s key not to get so wrapped up in the trappings that you lose the spirit. A session with an intuitive reader can help you tap into not only what you want your life to look like, but what you want it to feel like. When you get clear about how you want your life to feel, then it’s time to figure how to make it happen!
Your reader may ask you some questions about your career, your most important experiences,  your goals and desires. Then, he or she will read the subtle energies around you.These can hold the key to your life’s purpose. An intuitive reading gives a more holistic picture of the energies, influences, desires, and fears at work in your life. Your reader will likely be able to see connections in your life that you may have been unaware of. If you are working with a reader who can access information on past lives or spirit guides, this information will come into play too. The goal is to discover what the Universe and your own unique Spirit are calling you to do.


What will Your Reader Divulge about Your Life’s Purpose?


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Don’t be surprised if your reader doesn’t tell you a specific profession you should pursue or a course of study you should undertake. Our life’s purpose is seldom so straightforward! Instead, your reader will help you find what your deepest desires are. Should you help others, to be of service, to make art, or to heal those in pain.  He or she will help you see the ways in which the Universe is supporting you in pursuing that calling. You should feel free to ask questions about specific steps you can take to manifest your life’s purpose as well. You may end up doing further sessions with your reader, or you may engage a life coach, career coach, or therapist to help you make a plan to achieve your life’s purpose. Any step you take in the direction you are being called is a positive one!
Finally, don’t be discouraged if you find it hard to figure out the first step towards your life’s purpose. Just working with your reader and getting clear about why you are here in this life, what energies you have supporting you in your growth, and what you most want from you life is a major leap forward!